Nature Backs Design Contest

Hey everyone! We are looking for new designs!

We are a company that has been build through our Instagram community. As it started with us documenting our cross country travels, it quickly evolved to us collaborating and connecting with other creators that were also traveling and documenting their stories. 

It's always been about the community aspect of not only inspiring, but contributing to helping others travel and experience more. This is why we have recently implemented our "Logo Threads" collection that gives 50% of profits to a content creator that travels, inspires, and creates. These funds allow them to travel further and more often, while creating and inspiring us all. Life is about lining your passions up with your job, and that's what Nature Backs envisions to do by creating ways in which we can tap into the community that has helped build us and we have helped build for help, and in return that will then allow us to give back to their traveling efforts.

On that note, we are expanding our shirt collection and am putting together a Design contest that anyone can enter. The prize is $100 Gas Card for the best design submitted, so the winner can travel and go on more Adventures. The top designs will be narrowed down and then voted for on our Instagram stories by our community. 

Apart from the contest, any design we like and end up having printed on a shirt will be given $100 as well. 

Designs can be as simple as sketches. Or as in depth as a rendered .psd or vector. We do not want to exclude anyone for their lack of Photoshop knowledge so ANY design - even if it is written on a napkin WILL be considered. 

Please email your designs to or into our Instagram DMs.