Shipping times vary! Guarantee delivery by Christmas. Last order must be purchased by the 11th.

Read short story below for the full scoop. We believe in transparency.

Here’s the story.
As many of you know we are a small company. And by small we mean small, less than five employees. Because of you, we’ve grown tremendously this year, and the last three months have been absolutely crazy (good crazy). We’ve exploded in sales, grew faster than ever, and only have you to thank for that.

Our inventory was continually getting depleted week after week, and balancing thousands of orders while doing so was a challenge. Which brings us to why you’re on this page, with Christmas and the holiday season upon us, we knew we had to MAKE SURE you got you your Nature Backs gear before Christmas.

To guarantee this, we knew we had to plan it out, and go about it in a way that is fair, feasible, and doable. With that being, we have structured our shipping policy in a way that accomplishes getting your goods in time for Christmas as well balancing our inventory to make that possible.

We have some inventory right now, are in the process of ordering more, and will guarantee that you get it before Christmas if you order it before DECEMBER 11TH. If we have the shirt you purchase, we will ship it out immediately. If not, with so much coming in and out, we can only guarantee that you get it by Christmas and do not necessarily have an estimated delivery time for you.

We want to be COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT in this process, and invite you to add us on Snapchat @nature_backs , and join us in this process as we give you updates, as well as an open channel for you to interact and ask us ANY questions at all.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your understanding. And thank you for joining the Nature Backs community.

Adventure Awaits,
- Matt and Bo